About Us

Egypt Elite Tours

We are specialized in conducting special tours in Egypt for the elite travelers from all over the world who strive for a unique experience in the most amazing & mysterious places in the world.
Our tours are NOT regular tours, we take you to discover the mysterious side of Egypt. We take you to dig out the hidden treasures of ancient Egyptian history. We show you the places that give you a full insight of Egypt then and now.
We do not use regular tour guides to escort you, we actually provide you with experienced professional Egyptologists who have worked side by side with worldwide famous Archaeologists like Dr. Zahi Hawas.
In our tours you will feel you are doing real digs , discovering new things, you will feel the spirits of the ancient Egyptian artisans and builders are talking to you and revealing their secrets about the stunning work they achieved allover Egypt .
In our tours you get to talk to regular Egyptian people from different parts of the country and getting insight of Egypt’s culture, traditions, attitude, social life, outfits, language, cuisines, in order to get a full comprehension of the lifestyle and how people live, think and act.
Egypt Elite Tours makes every effort to ensure that our tours will be the experience of a lifetime for all our guests,
We hope that you join one of our tours and to return home with unforgettable memories from the land of mysteries the land of the Pharaohs.